The Indianapolis Rose Society invites you to attend “School Days”, the Illinois-Indiana District Conference and Rose Show. A day filled with beautiful roses and interesting programs that will help you take your rose growing experience to the next level.

Our speakers are truly some of the “best in the business” from around the country. Mark your calendar now!

SATURDAY /  SEPT 8  / 9 am – 4

Open to the Public

LOCATION: Boone Country 4H Fairgrounds

Address: 1300 100 S, Lebanon, IN 46052



SEND FORM TO: Renee LaFollette / 5793 Hall Road Plainfield, IN 46168









Bob Martin: (California), Incoming American Rose Society President
Program: Oh, the Roses You’ll Grow – a fun, comprehensive look at growing roses.

Bob’s extreme knowledge of the rose coupled with this wit and charm will make this session a fun filled learning experience. You can follow Bob and his rose adventures on Facebook here. Do follow him … he and his wife Dona have one of the most beautiful rose garden anywhere! You will enjoy the pictures and appreciate the rose advice!



Ron Daniels: (Tennessee) Nashville Rose Society President

As President of the Nashville Rose Society –a vibrant rose society that is growing by leaps and bounds — Ron has been instrumental is starting the Cheekwood Rose Study Garden in Nashville. Ron spends his “extra” time in his own amazing garden and traveling around speaking to rose societies and master gardeners! Read about the Cheekwood study garden here. Follow Ron on Facebook here.

Ron will give two programs:

  • Facts on Fertilizers
  • Growing Roses in Containers


Dr. Andy Plasz: (Illinois)
Program: Rotation of Chemicals to Reduce Disease Resistance

Andy is the retried Director and Global Head of Analytical Chemistry Research for Abbott Laboratories. Few people in the world of rose education are as decorated as Andy Plasz. He is an informative and inspiring teacher and has much to share with us. Here he is pictured with Bob Martin wearing their Klima medals. The American Rose Society’s national Marion Klima Medal is for rose education! 

Corky Thacker and Jeff Sommers: (Ohio)
Program: What Makes a Winning Horticulture Rose Show Entry?

Beginning exhibitors are often unsure of why their roses didn’t win their classes, or even what the awards marked on their entry tags mean. This program provides guidance, including selecting show candidates from your garden, understanding a show schedule, ARS rules, judging criteria with photos, and awards.

Jeff has been an ARS Accredited Horticulture and Arrangement Judge since 1990 and 2001, respectively, and earned the Outstanding Judge Award in 2016.

Corky earned her ARS Horticulture Judge Accreditation in 2013, is an Apprentice Arrangement Judge and an ARS award-winning photographer. Her original rose garden was featured in This Old House magazine in July 2013. Jeff is an ARS Master Rosarian and Corky is a Certified Consulting Rosarian; both are active in the Forest City and Cleveland Rose Societies.

They met at Buckeye District rose shows, married in 2015 and grow more than 350 roses at their urban home in Cleveland’s West Side.


Programs are eligible for Master Gardeners education credits and Consulting Rosarian credits.


Holiday Inn Express / Whitestown/Zionsville Area
6064 South Main Street / Whitestown, IN 46075
317 769 0932
For more information, click here.

Hampton Inn / Whitestown/Zionsville Area
6005 S Main Street / Whitestown, IN 46075
317 768 2330
For more information, click here.


Create Your Garden Dream with Climbing Roses

TUES, AUGUST 14, 6:30 pm

Location: Sullivan Munce ​/ 225 West Hawthorne Street  / Zionsville, IN 46077

Linda Kimmel, immediate past president of the Indianapolis Rose Society, will share with us the charm and grace of climbing roses—which ones to grow and how to care for them!

PROGRAM: Create Your Garden Dream with Climbing Roses

There are few plants that can rival the gorgeous climbing roses in the garden, creating ambiance of nostalgia and breath-taking beauty. Stephen Scanniello, Curator of the Rockefeller Rose Garden, New York, refers to climbing roses as the “acrobats and aerialists” of the garden. Climbing roses can be used in countless ways, such as cascading over fences, trellis’ or walls, softening hard landscapes, concealing ugly structures or small buildings, accentuating windows or entryways. They can provide a back drop for other garden plants or make a stunning focal point, creating breath-taking picturesque effects. Climbing roses are versatile. And if you choose healthy, disease resistant and winter hardy varieties, they can last a lifetime with reasonable or even minimal care.

What climbing roses are right for your garden?; What care do they need?; Pruning when and how?; How to winterize?

Come to the meeting and get your questions answered about Creating your Garden Dream with Climbing Roses.

Round Table Discussion: Overwintering Roses in Containers
**Panel: John Hefner, Linda Kimmel, Teresa Byington
Bring your tips, your stories and your questions about overwintering roses in containers.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!



Propagation Workshop

We are in the second half of our year but we are not slowing down. From the look at the schedule (read here), we are heating up! So much fun to have and so much to learn!


Location: Sullivan Munce / Zionsville
225 W Hawthorne Street

Humberto DeLuca & Masiel Milligan, will show us techniques for taking rose cuttings.

Round Table Discussion: How to care for roses in extreme heat.
Panel: Mark Nolen, Teresa Downham, John Hefner

We will end our evening with the ever popular Round Table Discussion. All of us are dealing with extreme heat, so let’s talk about it! Mark, Teresa and John will facilitate, but we all need to contribute for the greatest learning!

Remember, our meetings are open to the public and everyone is invited. Bring your friends, and your notepad and let’s go to propagation school!


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Rosefest 2018

SAT / May 26 / 9:00 – 3 pm


Hamilton Co. Fairground / 2003 Pleasant Street / Noblesville, IN

HIGHLIGHTS … (Complete Schedule Below)

  • Guest Speaker
  • HCMGA Rose Garden Tour 
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Educational Displays
  • Roses and Rose Products for Sale



Few people in the world of roses have Mike’s unique knowledge of roses. His expertise ranges from old garden and found roses to the most modern hybrids. And, Mike has rose stories to tell!

Mike Shoup has always had an interest in plants. With this in mind, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Trinity University and his Master’s degree in Horticulture from Texas A & M University.  In 1976, a year after graduation he started Containerized Plants, Inc. which grew and sold woody plants and hardy, old-fashioned perennials, Texas natives and most importantly neglected Old Garden Roses.


In 1984 he opened the Antique Rose Emporium which specialized in the re-introduction and distribution of these historic roses. His work has been recognized in Smithsonian and National Geographic magazines and in many trade journals as well.

He has written three books, Roses in the Southern Garden, published in 2000 and in 1991 published Landscaping with Antique Roses, co-authored with Liz Druitt and most recently in 2011, Empress of the Garden. (Find these book on Amazon here.)


9:00 – 10:30 Enjoy the 4th Annual HCMGA Tea in the Rose Garden

9:30  – 10:00 Workshops

  • Bees and Roses by Eloisa Garza
    • Honeybees are a very unique and beautiful individuals that provides a wonderful nectar for us to enjoy and who provides food for our tables through the pollination process.
  • Pests and Diseases: Linda Kimmel
    • Linda will help you identify common pests and diseases that find roses particularly attractive and ways to control them.

10:15 – 10:45 Workshops
Repeat above workshops

10:45 – 11:30: Browse displays, shop, grab lunch

11:30 – 12: 45:  SPEAKER: MIKE SHOUP (see info below)

1:00 – 2:00:  Workshop/Demonstration in the rose garden.
John Hefner will lead a program on pruning, planting and soil testing
BRING A SAMPLE OF YOUR SOIL (in a solo cup) and we will test your soil pH for free.

2:00: Q & A Panel with Consulting Rosarians (inside)
Bring your questions! I wonder if you can stump the panel! 🤓 (Doubt it.)

The Indianapolis Rose Society and the Hamilton Country Master Gardener Association have enjoyed planning this wonderful day of roses for you and look forward to seeing you and your friends.

“Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service is an equal access/equal opportunity institution.”




Regardless of what we are growing, good soil is a vital part of what we do. NOTE: Master Gardeners, this has been approved for education hours!

At our April meeting we will discuss principles of soil health!

Location: Sullivan Munce / Zionsville

Speaker:  Kevin Allison, Marion County  Soil Health Specialist
Kevin Allison, Marion County SWCD Soil Health Specialist, will lead a discussion on using the principles of soil health to organically improve soil: Minimizing soil disturbance, maximizing diversity, keeping the soil covered, and providing a continuous living root.

Kevin will explore how amendments, diverse mulching and cover crops can be integrated into flower production and preparing new beds.

There will be time for Q & A with Kevin!


Also at the April Meeting, we will have roses for sale!

One of the perks of being a part of a rose society is access to beautiful roses! This year we have a great lineup of beautiful roses for sale.


$18 for members

$20 non members

$25 for David Austins


The roses will be available at our April meeting … on a first come / first served basis.

To see picture of the beautiful roses we will have, CLICK HERE.



Updated: April 15…

One of the perks of being a part of a rose society is access to beautiful roses! This year we have a great lineup of beautiful roses for sale.

To pre order, please send an email  to Donna Hefner at and give her your order.

Your roses will be held for you and available at the  May Meeting. If you cannot pick them up … after the May meeting these roses will go back into the “pool” or you can make special arrangements with Donna to pick up at her house.

Some are SOLD OUT … so see list below



$18 for members

$20 non members

$25 for David Austins


The roses will be available at our next meeting … on a first come / first served basis.



At Last  SOLD OUT!

Lady in Red Climber SOLD OUT!

Quicksilver Climber SOLD OUT!

Olivia Rose Austin (David Austin)  SOLD OUT!

Dick Clark

Easy on the Eyes

Ketchup & Mustard SOLD OUT!

Cutie Pie Mini

Hot & Sassy Mini

Sparkle & Shine

Oh My

Ring of Fire SOLD OUT!

Shockwave   SOLD OUT!

Top Gun  SOLD OUT!

Music Box

Screaming Neon

All the Rage

Easy Spirit

We look forward to seeing you on May 8  as we learn more about Texas A & M Earth Kind Roses AND deciding which roses we are going to take home to enhance our gardens! 🌹


Will the Real Seven Sisters Please Stand Up

-Linda Kimmel
Indianapolis Rose Society

There is some confusion about the Seven Sisters Rose, as there are several different roses by the same name. has six different varieties listed. Can we get some clarity?

A Bit of History…

‘Seven Sisters’ is believed to be an old Chinese garden rose which was introduced from Japan to England by Charles Greville in the early 1800s. John Loudon (England), a most influential horticultural nurseryman and journalist of his time, wrote (1844): “The variety of the color produced by the buds at first opening was not less astonishing than their number. White, light blush, deeper blush, light red, darker red, scarlet and purple flowers, all appear in the same corymb, and the production of these seven colors at once is said to the be the reason why this rose is known as the Seven Sisters Rose.”

According to Charles Quest-Ritson, author of “Climbing Roses of the World”, writes “the clone currently in cultivation was likely grown from seeds imported from Japan and acquired by Phillipe Noisette, a London market gardener. Brent Dickerson, author of “The Old Garden Rose Advisor”, writes about R. multiflora ‘Polyantha’, also grown from seeds imported from Japan that “It is evidently quite variable, and the small number of seeding it has given us have sometimes differed from the type so much that none of the characteristics of the original are preserved.” So, is it safe to assume that seedlings of the ‘Seven Sisters’ roses, also R. multiflora, acquired from Japan may have varied in breeding lines and traits? Once the ‘Seven Sisters’ rose was introduced (1815), it took a few years for it to gain in popularity, but eventually in the mid-century, rose sales started to take off. As the public demand exceeded the supply, nurseries started selling knock-off versions of ‘Seven Sisters’, creating even more confusion.

Characteristics (common to the real ‘Seven Sisters’)

‘Seven Sisters’ is a medium pink blend Hybrid Multiflora, once-blooming in the spring or early summer, born in large clusters, with individual flowers being less than 2-inches. Height can reach 10 to 20-ft and can get 10-ft wide. Hardy from zones 4b to 9b but tends to be shorter and smaller in colder zones. ‘Seven Sisters’ is not picky, it will grow well in dry or wet, acid or alkaline soil. Prefers full sun but can tolerate some light shade. Being hardy and disease resistant, as well as easy to propagate, ‘Seven Sisters’ is an ideal rose to grow and share with your friends and rose enthusiast. After all these years, ‘Seven Sisters’ is still an intensely popular rose in the landscape.

‘Seven Sisters’ is the ARS approved registration name. Alternative cultivar names may include: ‘Grevillei’, Grevilli major’, ‘Oizimei’, ‘Rosier Multiflore a Grandes Feuilles’, Rosa thoryi, Rose multiflora f. platyphylla. Most American rose nurseries sell this version as the real ‘Seven Sisters’, so ladies, please standup.

Alias Seven Sisters includes (but not limited to): ‘Red Seven Sisters’ (not registered) and Félicité-Perpétue (HSem).

‘Seven Sisters’ is comfortable on an old farm fence or a formal rose bed. Regardless of where ‘Seven Sisters’ is planted, it will bring you happiness for years. Photo reprinted with permission from Jonquil Junction (Arkansas).

Labeled ‘Seven Sisters’, most likely the “Red” version.  ‘Red Seven Sisters’ is a found rose, hybrid multiflora, once-blooming, hardy zone 6b to 8. Growth habit is similar. Reprinted with permission by Rich Baer, photo taken at a Llama farm in Washington State.

‘Seven Sisters’ Félicité-Perpétue (Hybrid Sempervirens) was hybridized by Antoine Jacques (French breeder) in 1827. This ‘Seven Sisters’ is white or near white with a blush of pink. Its growth, habit, bloom and form are similar to her medium pink counterpart. Hardy between 6b and 10b.Reprinted with permission by Lee Tomlinson, photo taken at San Jose Historic Rose Garden.