Join us for a garden day together! We will start out in the amazing AVON GARDENS AND GARDEN CENTER. Then we will congregate at MAYBERRY CAFE for a yummy meal together, and close out the day at John Chapin’s beautiful TREE FROG GARDENS. We looking forward to seeing you there! Have questions? Contact us here.

3:00 pm / Avon Gardens for their Spring-Palooza Peony Festival!
6259 E. County Rd. 91 N. / Avon, Indiana 46123

4:30 pm / Mayberry Cafe / Danville
78 W Main St, Danville, IN 46122

6:15 pm / Tree Frog Garden Tour
3160 South 125 West / Danville Indiana 46122

(RSVP Required for Tree Frog Garden Tour) Please RSVP here by May 15 … LINK )


John Chapin owner of Tree Frog Gardens welcomes Indianapolis Rose Society (members only) to his beautiful home garden and two-acre nursery. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

John’s nursery specializes in hard to find perennials, shrubs, conifers and flowering trees. Most shrubs are new to the market, rare and or unusual varieties. This season there are over 40 new perennials.

Available for ordering or same day purchase to take home with you:

$10 / $15 shrubs  (Most plants are one gallon.)


Tree Frog Gardens Plant Pricing: If any gardener has checked out plants at garden centers or big box stores this spring, you’ve probably been shocked at the prices! With all the issues of supply chains, shipping costs, labor shortages, fuel expenses, and of course the resultant inflation, it’s disheartening to see how much prices have increased. (I personally believe that some businesses are taking advantage of expected increases as well as high consumer demand to really sock it to gardeners.)

With very few exceptions, I’m keeping my prices the same as last year. This means that almost all perennials are priced at $10@ and shrubs at $15@. I can do this, for now, because:

1. I grow most of my plants by ordering direct from the wholesale growers, just like the landscaping nurseries and most garden centers do. This eliminates the middle-man and their markup. These young plants will take a year of growth to become more substantial, but I charge a fraction of what they will be worth after one season’s growth. (Example: One of my $15 blooming shrub varieties will grow in one year to a size that would cost three, even four times this amount if bought at a garden center.)

2. I propagate many of my plants from established “mother plants” or plantings that I grow in my gardens. This is a good value since they are divisions of mature plants, not young starts.

3. Some of my offerings are plants I save from renovated or updated landscaping jobs I do that would otherwise be trashed. They are perfectly fine, healthy plants, worth much more than what I have priced them, at great savings to you!

4. I don’t have the overhead and payroll that garden centers and nurseries have to pay since I grow on my rural property and sell at three seasonal sales each year.

5. I accept cash, checks, or bank transfers such as Zelle to avoid the charge card fee of almost 3% per transaction. (This adds up!)

My mission is to get great plants into the hands of gardeners, both novice and experienced. I am constantly checking out new plant introductions that often are unusual and/or hard-to-find for a few years, but are worthy additions to my and others’ gardens.

Check out our plant inventory at





Membership is open to anyone interested in roses. 

⭐️ Once you are a member… you will receive regular updates that include

  • 🌹Society news
  • 🌹Upcoming programs
  • 🌹Invitations to private garden tours
  • 🌹Access to past recorded programs via our “Members Only” Section
  • 🌹4-month free trial to American Rose Society
  • 🌹How to purchase our fertilizer
  • 🌹Discounts on roses through our annual rose sale
  • 🌹Automatic inclusion in the IL IN Rose District events
  • 🌹And, you will learn ways you can jump in and get involved!

Membership Fee: $20
Details here.


The Indianapolis Rose Society 2023 annual rose sale is on! As in the past, the roses will be available on a FIRST COME / FIRST SERVE basis. We all know how difficult it was to find roses last year, so don’t delay! ROSES ON THIS LIST ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS WE SELL THE ROSES!



David Austin: $38
All Other Roses: $30

David Austin: $43
All Other Roses: $35

We are growing roses and growing friends! Join us!


On March 14 at 6:30 pm EST we will have our first IN PERSON meeting of the year.

Yes, we’ll be back at the lovely Sullivan Munce Cultural Center complete with appetizers, door prizes and updates on the coming year! There will be time for you to get your questions answered during our ever popular “round table” discussions.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT for an email from VP Teresa Downham with a sign-up sheet for helping with the meeting. (Bringing food, drinks, door prizes, etc.) Thank you in advance! 🌹


​Sullivan Munce
225 West Hawthorne Street
Zionsville, IN 46077


Teresa Byington, IRS board member, master gardener, blogger ( and co host of the Rose Chat Podcast


A look at English Cottage Gardens from their humble beginnings to today. Teresa’s program will include tips and tricks for adding cottage garden elements to your garden and a mini tour of her cottage garden.

NOTE: Members will be invited to an open garden at the Byington’s on Saturday, June 10.


RSVP is not required but oh so helpful in planning. Please fill out the form below to let us know you are coming and who you might bring with you. (Our meetings are open to the public.)


Membership is open to anyone interested in roses. 

⭐️ Once you are a member… you will receive regular updates that include

  • 🌹Society news
  • 🌹Upcoming programs
  • 🌹Invitations to private garden tours
  • 🌹Access to past recorded programs via our “Members Only” Section
  • 🌹4-month free trial to American Rose Society
  • 🌹How to purchase our fertilizer
  • 🌹Discounts on roses through our annual rose sale
  • 🌹Automatic inclusion in the IL IN Rose District events
  • 🌹And, you will learn ways you can jump in and get involved!

Membership Fee: $20
Details here.


The Indianapolis Rose Society 2023 annual rose sale is on! As in the past, the roses will be available on a FIRST COME / FIRST SERVE basis. We all know how difficult it was to find roses last year, so don’t delay!

Here is a PDF of the roses for sale.



David Austin: $38
All Other Roses: $30

David Austin: $43

We look forward to seeing you and your friends at Sullivan Munce on March 14!

Create Your Garden Dream with Climbing Roses

TUES, AUGUST 14, 6:30 pm

Location: Sullivan Munce ​/ 225 West Hawthorne Street  / Zionsville, IN 46077

Linda Kimmel, immediate past president of the Indianapolis Rose Society, will share with us the charm and grace of climbing roses—which ones to grow and how to care for them!

PROGRAM: Create Your Garden Dream with Climbing Roses

There are few plants that can rival the gorgeous climbing roses in the garden, creating ambiance of nostalgia and breath-taking beauty. Stephen Scanniello, Curator of the Rockefeller Rose Garden, New York, refers to climbing roses as the “acrobats and aerialists” of the garden. Climbing roses can be used in countless ways, such as cascading over fences, trellis’ or walls, softening hard landscapes, concealing ugly structures or small buildings, accentuating windows or entryways. They can provide a back drop for other garden plants or make a stunning focal point, creating breath-taking picturesque effects. Climbing roses are versatile. And if you choose healthy, disease resistant and winter hardy varieties, they can last a lifetime with reasonable or even minimal care.

What climbing roses are right for your garden?; What care do they need?; Pruning when and how?; How to winterize?

Come to the meeting and get your questions answered about Creating your Garden Dream with Climbing Roses.

Round Table Discussion: Overwintering Roses in Containers
**Panel: John Hefner, Linda Kimmel, Teresa Byington
Bring your tips, your stories and your questions about overwintering roses in containers.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!



Propagation Workshop

We are in the second half of our year but we are not slowing down. From the look at the schedule (read here), we are heating up! So much fun to have and so much to learn!


Location: Sullivan Munce / Zionsville
225 W Hawthorne Street

Humberto DeLuca & Masiel Milligan, will show us techniques for taking rose cuttings.

Round Table Discussion: How to care for roses in extreme heat.
Panel: Mark Nolen, Teresa Downham, John Hefner

We will end our evening with the ever popular Round Table Discussion. All of us are dealing with extreme heat, so let’s talk about it! Mark, Teresa and John will facilitate, but we all need to contribute for the greatest learning!

Remember, our meetings are open to the public and everyone is invited. Bring your friends, and your notepad and let’s go to propagation school!


Please share this imagine on your social media pages and help us spread the word.

Will the Real Seven Sisters Please Stand Up

-Linda Kimmel
Indianapolis Rose Society

There is some confusion about the Seven Sisters Rose, as there are several different roses by the same name. has six different varieties listed. Can we get some clarity?

A Bit of History…

‘Seven Sisters’ is believed to be an old Chinese garden rose which was introduced from Japan to England by Charles Greville in the early 1800s. John Loudon (England), a most influential horticultural nurseryman and journalist of his time, wrote (1844): “The variety of the color produced by the buds at first opening was not less astonishing than their number. White, light blush, deeper blush, light red, darker red, scarlet and purple flowers, all appear in the same corymb, and the production of these seven colors at once is said to the be the reason why this rose is known as the Seven Sisters Rose.”

According to Charles Quest-Ritson, author of “Climbing Roses of the World”, writes “the clone currently in cultivation was likely grown from seeds imported from Japan and acquired by Phillipe Noisette, a London market gardener. Brent Dickerson, author of “The Old Garden Rose Advisor”, writes about R. multiflora ‘Polyantha’, also grown from seeds imported from Japan that “It is evidently quite variable, and the small number of seeding it has given us have sometimes differed from the type so much that none of the characteristics of the original are preserved.” So, is it safe to assume that seedlings of the ‘Seven Sisters’ roses, also R. multiflora, acquired from Japan may have varied in breeding lines and traits? Once the ‘Seven Sisters’ rose was introduced (1815), it took a few years for it to gain in popularity, but eventually in the mid-century, rose sales started to take off. As the public demand exceeded the supply, nurseries started selling knock-off versions of ‘Seven Sisters’, creating even more confusion.

Characteristics (common to the real ‘Seven Sisters’)

‘Seven Sisters’ is a medium pink blend Hybrid Multiflora, once-blooming in the spring or early summer, born in large clusters, with individual flowers being less than 2-inches. Height can reach 10 to 20-ft and can get 10-ft wide. Hardy from zones 4b to 9b but tends to be shorter and smaller in colder zones. ‘Seven Sisters’ is not picky, it will grow well in dry or wet, acid or alkaline soil. Prefers full sun but can tolerate some light shade. Being hardy and disease resistant, as well as easy to propagate, ‘Seven Sisters’ is an ideal rose to grow and share with your friends and rose enthusiast. After all these years, ‘Seven Sisters’ is still an intensely popular rose in the landscape.

‘Seven Sisters’ is the ARS approved registration name. Alternative cultivar names may include: ‘Grevillei’, Grevilli major’, ‘Oizimei’, ‘Rosier Multiflore a Grandes Feuilles’, Rosa thoryi, Rose multiflora f. platyphylla. Most American rose nurseries sell this version as the real ‘Seven Sisters’, so ladies, please standup.

Alias Seven Sisters includes (but not limited to): ‘Red Seven Sisters’ (not registered) and Félicité-Perpétue (HSem).

‘Seven Sisters’ is comfortable on an old farm fence or a formal rose bed. Regardless of where ‘Seven Sisters’ is planted, it will bring you happiness for years. Photo reprinted with permission from Jonquil Junction (Arkansas).

Labeled ‘Seven Sisters’, most likely the “Red” version.  ‘Red Seven Sisters’ is a found rose, hybrid multiflora, once-blooming, hardy zone 6b to 8. Growth habit is similar. Reprinted with permission by Rich Baer, photo taken at a Llama farm in Washington State.

‘Seven Sisters’ Félicité-Perpétue (Hybrid Sempervirens) was hybridized by Antoine Jacques (French breeder) in 1827. This ‘Seven Sisters’ is white or near white with a blush of pink. Its growth, habit, bloom and form are similar to her medium pink counterpart. Hardy between 6b and 10b.Reprinted with permission by Lee Tomlinson, photo taken at San Jose Historic Rose Garden.

From the President

“The flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today” (Indian proverb). We could say, the rose society of tomorrow is grown today. For the past two years, our board of directors has focused on growing our rose society and membership. I must say, 2016 was phenomenal! We received 17 new memberships last year and now our goal is to continue growing and retaining new and old members. Our mission is education, “dedicated exclusively to the cultivation and enjoyment of roses.”  We are rising to the challenge to offer something for everyone. The ever-popular round table discussion group will be back. And, our 2017 theme is “Back to the Basics”. Come learn, share and enjoy. We are going to have a GREAT 2017 year.

Our 2017 Kickoff…

TUES, MARCH 14, 6:30 pm
Sullivan Munce Center / 225 W Hawthorne St / Zionsville
SPEAKER: Dr. Mark  Windham 
(Distinguished Professor of Plant Pathology / UT Knoxville)
PROGRAM: Soil Prep, Planting & Rose Rosette Update

Come join us! All our meetings are open to the public!

Linda Kimmel


Rosefest 2016: Timeless beauty for today’s gardens

Rosefest_003 copy 2

Indianapolis Rose Society invites you to a day filled with roses!

June 11 / 9:30 am – 5 pm
Hamilton County Fairgrounds
2003 Pleasant Street / Noblesville, IN

CONTACT: Monica Taylor at or 317.514.7284

Schedule for the day…

  • Tea in the HCMGA Rose Garden: 9:30 -11:30 am (Free)
    • Sponsored by the Hamilton Country Master Gardener Association.
  • Rose Display in Exhibition Center opens at 10:30 am (Free)
    • Public is invited to judge the rose displays.
  • Lectures 12:30 – 4 pm ($10) (Tickets required)
    • $10 ticket – entrance to all three lectures! Limited seating for lectures. (Tickets will go fast… let us know if you want them, here or contact Monica @
  • Rose display winners announced at 4 pm.

Speakers … 

Take a look at this rose dream team…

Peggy Martin of New Orleans, LA
12:30 – 1:30 pm | Program: Old Garden Roses
Peggy is the VP of the Heritage Rose Foundation and owner of the original Peggy Martin Rose, the rose that survived Hurricane Katrina.

Carol Tumbas of Bloomington, IN
1:45 – 2:45 pm | Program: Hardy, Sustainable Shrub Roses
Carol is the former President of the Indianapolis Rose Society, a well respected rosarian and grower of more than 500 roses.

Gaye Hammond of Houston, TX
3 – 4 pm | Program: Earth-Kind Roses
Gaye is a noted expert of the Texas A & M Earth-Kind Program and lectures nationwide about growing roses in no spray conditions.

Additional Information

  • Roses and rose products will be available for purchase.
  • Roses and rose arrangements from member’s garden will be on display.
  • The public is invited to judge displays.
  • There will be educational resources on roses and rose culture.
  • Download flyer here.   



CONTACT: Monica Taylor at or 317.514.7284

Rosefest Square_001 copy 2

2016 Message from the President: Linda Kimmel

The Indianapolis Rose Society board of directors welcomes you to new year in roses. It promises to be a full, busy and satisfying year. We challenge you to bring a friend to every meeting! 


Humberto DeLuca, Program Chair (2nd Vice President), has been working hard, along with the input from all of the board, to outline a great year in programs and events. Most programs will have two mini-programs and a round table discussion. John Hefner is taking the lead on many round table discussions.

Expect an outstanding program about Rose Rosette from Dr. Mark Windham, University of Tennessee. Mark could do standup comedy; he is that funny. He is also that educational! You will learn about the newest research on how to combat and prevent the dreaded Rose Rosette disease. Dr. Windham is an absolute treat. I have heard him speak several times and I never tire of him.

Teresa Byington and Monica Taylor have poured their hearts and souls into the First Annual Rosefest. It will be held at Hamilton County Fairgrounds, Noblesville, in June. There will be a tea, rose show display and educational programs eligible for CR and MG credits. Bring roses for display. Bring yourself to learn from the great lineup of speakers, including the knowledgeable Peggy Martin (Vice President of the Heritage Rose Society), our own Carol Tumbas (past President of the Indianapolis Rose Society) and the charming and dynamic Gaye Hammond (Earth Kind Rose Trials in Texas). This is one fantastic line up! Call it the “dream team” of rose programs. Do not miss out on this exciting new venture.

Donna Hefner has assumed the responsibilities of Treasurer. We know our money is in good hands with Donna! We appreciate her stepping up to take over this very important role. Renee LaFollette has once again, accepted the role as editor. The editor keeps us connected through the newsletter. We thank Renee for her long term commitment. We have a sundry of committee chairs, serving in a lot of different and important capacities. We thank them for taking on these important roles.

In addition to the annual fertilizer program, Mark Nolen is serving as membership chair (new position). He has contacted every single member of the Indianapolis Rose Society, cleaning up our roster and has already recruited a new member. The personal touch helps! Cathy and Mark will be hosting a wine and roses garden tour at their home.

Another big event for 2016 is the Arrangement Judging School & Seminar. It has been over a decade since Indianapolis has hosted such a school. If you have any desire to attend, whether just to learn or to become a judge, please let me know. We would love to fill the room!

Diane and Roger Brueckman (Roger is the IL-IN District Director), will be visiting in the fall. The Brueckmans’ are a lovey couple. You will enjoy their program, personalities and updates on the District/ARS business.

Let us share the year 2016…. share the joy, share the love, share the friendships and share your roses. We are going to have fun and it will be more fun if you are there.

Linda Kimmel, President