2020 Event Schedule

Won’t you come in to the garden, I’d like my roses to see you. – Richard Brinsley Sheridan

The holiday’s are over and winter is winding down, so, it’s that time. Time to get back to gardening! We have so many great events planned: Practical opportunities for learn the basics during our “Round Table Q and A” time during each meeting. And a few road trips!

Our theme for this garden year is ROSES TAKE YOU PLACES. Whether it’s the gardens you visit or the stories of the roses themselves – where they come from and their family tree, roses do indeed take you places!

We have a road trip planned to the beautiful home and garden of Joe and Carrie Bergs in Wisconsin. For that trip we also have a tour of Steve Singer Roses in Kenosha. Steve will give us a tour of his hybridizing process and his rose fields as well as give tips on rose hybridization. There may be a few more surprises for this trip too. Stay tuned.

And, two very special district events that you can read about here … https://illinoisindianadistrict.org/

You just might meet a few “FAMOUS” rose people along the way!

Our meetings are open to the public, so grab a friend and join us.

Our schedule is below. We look forward to seeing you!

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 our schedule is changing and as well as details on rose sale pickups. We will keep you updated.

Members and those on our mailing list, you will be receiving eBlasts to keep you up to date so check your email!

Rose friends fine tuning rose propagation!


TUES, MARCH 10: Season Kickoff
6:30 pm / Sullivan Munce / Zionsville
​225 West Hawthorne Street

  • Garden Design: John Chapin
  • Details on the roses in our rose sale: Linda Kimmel
  • Round Table Q and A (EVERYONE: Bring your questions and your comments.)

SAT, MARCH 21: District Conference and CR School<]

Details: Click here.

TUES, APRIL 14: Fertilizer Basics
6:30 pm / Sullivan Munce / Zionsville
​225 West Hawthorne Street

  • Program by Humberto DeLuca
  • Fertilizer Sale
  • Rose Sale (Pick up roses starting at 5:45)
  • Pruning Demo (Sullivan Munce Roses
  • Round Table Q and A (EVERYONE: Bring your questions and your comments)
TUES, MAY 12: Friends in the Rose Garden
6:30 pm / Sullivan Munce / Zionsville
​225 West Hawthorne Street
  • Bees
  • Hummingbirds
  • Butterflies
  • Round Table Q and A (EVERYONE: Bring your questions and your comments)

SAT, JUNE 6: District Rose Show in Illinois
Special Guest Speaker Ping Lim – World Renouned Hybridizer of the Easy Elegance Roses and True Bloom Roses
Find all the details here…

JUNE: Budding Workshop TBD

JULY 18 – 19: Bergs Summer Picnic (Wisconsin)
Joe and Carrie Bergs will host the 5th Annual Greater Milawukee Rose Society Summer Picnic at their home beginning at 1 p.m. Enjoy catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, touring the gardens and playing lawn games.

We will also have a tour of Steve Singer Roses in Kenosha. Steve will give us a tour of his hybridizing process and his rose fields as well as give tips on rose hybridization. Contact Teresa Byington about Car Pooling and Hotels.
Additional trip details HERE.

SAT, AUGUST 15 / 6 pm: Garden Party 
Host: Trudy Struck
More details to come!

SEPT 10 – 12: Master Gardener State Conference
Locations: Hamilton Co Fairgrounds
Details on classes and speakers coming soon.

TUES, SEPT 8:ROSE SHOW: Learn as You Grow Rose Show
6:30 pm / Sullivan Munce / Zionsville
​225 West Hawthorne Street
All guests and society members are encouraged to participate.
If you have questions, contact Linda Kimmel.

Fall Pitch-In: Bring something yummy to share. (And the recipe too if you can!)
Program: Teresa Byington




Opportunities to volunteer a few hours to represent Indianapolis Rose Society to the garden community.
Contact Linda Kimmel if you have questions.
Boone County Master Gardener Fair
Saturday, April 4 CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19
Hendrick Co Gardening for All Ages
Saturday, April 25   CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19
Johnson County Master Gardener Fair
Saturday, May 16

2020 Board Members

Eloisa Garza, President
Trudy Struck: 1st VP
Teresa Downham: 2nd VP
Marilyn Ferguson, Secretary
Humberto DeLuca: Treasurer
Linda Kimmel, Editor
Teresa Byington, Immediate Past President


Rose Friends,

If you were at the August meeting you know we are finishing 2019 strong. So many members brought in “Show and Tell” from their gardens… things ranged from what’s going right, what needs some help and our ASK THE MASTERS Team of Mark Nolen and John Hefner gave  us so many “professional” tips on growing roses in our area, and how to battle the pests that want to come along for the beautiful ride!

Sally Parsons took us through her experiment of using beneficial nematodes to battle midge and thrips. We will be checking back in with her next year! Sally also brought a vase of the most fragrant David Austin roses ever! Harlow Carr emerged as everyone’s favorite. Hope we can get some of those for our rose sale next year.

Teri Russell brought the “cutting” that she started at Rosefest when Connie Hartwood did her demonstration. New Dawn was no longer a cutting … it was 12″ tall and a strong plant. We celebrated with Teri!

John Hefner interviewed a team of our newer society leaders or what they had learned and what they still wanted to know. Out of that conversation we gained some insight into programs we might consider in the future.

Thanks to all who participated. It was a wonderful night!

Below you will read of the great things that are coming up!

See you there.
Teresa Byington


TUES, SEPT 10, 6:30 pm

Sullivan Munce Cultural Center / Zionsville

SPEAKER: Trudy Struck (who is part of the team that manages the care for the Master Gardener’s rose garden in Noblesville!
Trudy’s program will give you insight into David Austin the man as well as showcase his beautiful creations.

We will finish the Sept meeting with the popular…
John and Mark will share tips for putting the garden to bed for winter and answer your questions!


TUES, OCT 8, 6:30 pm
Sullivan Munce Cultural Center / Zionsville

Our host for this special evening will be Humberto DeLuca. It promises to be FUN!

Those in the Chili Competition are:

  • Keith Oltean
  • Greg Byington
  • John Hefner
  • Mark Nolen
  • Humberto DeLuca

Everyone will have the opportunity to taste test and vote!

We will need more than chili to eat! Click here for the online form to sign up for side dishes!

Costume Party: You can come dressed as a rose or something else if you prefer. Roses go back to the beginning of time – that a lot of names! THIS COULD BE INTERESTING!

We will vote on costumes too!

Winners will receive Dammann’s Garden Center Gift Certificates!


SAT, DEC 7, 6 pm

Annual Awards & New Board Installation
Location: Magic Dinner at Serenity Restaurant
135 S Main St, Zionsville, IN 46077
(Two blocks from where we have our meetings!)

If you haven’t been to Serentiy it is a magical place or maybe I should say haunted. Yes, it is a beautiful house with a history and we will hear about it while we are there! Read more here.

Our entertainment will be a magic show.

COST: $22 per person
Price includes a three-course dinner, non alcoholic drink and show plus tax and gratuity.

You may also buy wine at $5 a “pour”.

This is a special evening for our society and a good time to get to know people better. Who knows you might just receive an award!

For the Christmas dinner, please RSVP to Teresa Byington here.

We are excited to see you at each of these events as we end our growing year strong!

Rose friendships and rose education is a winning combination.

Our meetings are open to the public.

So please invite other to join you!

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

2020 Note:

Linda Kimmel and Teresa Byington are beginning to do research for the 2020 rose sale. While the annual Rose Sale is a money maker for our society, it is also a service to our members — giving them the opportunity to buy beautiful roses at a discount! To quote John Hefner, “the roses we get for the sale are outstanding!” This year we had a very successful partnership with Frazee Gardens in Brownsburg saving us money on delivery (they allowed us to have our roses delivered with their delivery)and their care and storage of our roses between delivery and sale was over the top. We can’t thank them enough and look forward to the same partnership this year!

Pre-sale will begin in February. Delivery to society meeting will be in April. We always sell out quickly, so be on the look out for the announcements early 2020!


Rose Cuttings by Connie Hilker

The Klassy Way to Root Roses (Presented by Connie Hilker, adapted from a method by Diana Klassy.)

Connie was our guest speaker for the 2019 ROSEFEST. She taught us and inspired us!

This is one of many ways to propagate roses and other plants from cuttings. It is simple to learn, and it uses materials that you may already have on hand.


  • Half-gallon milk jug
  • Clear 2-liter soda bottle
  • Food-quality potting media
  • Rooting hormone
  • Pruners
  • Sharp knife
  • Patience!

This method uses the bottom of the milk jug as a pot, and the top of the soda bottle to form a greenhouse.

Cut large drainage holes in the bottom of the milk jug.
Fill the milk jug with moist potting media. Water thoroughly and let drain.

The best rose cutting is a stem with a dead flower on it, with four to six sets of leaves. If possible, get the heel wood where the cutting emerges from the main cane. If you cannot get a heel, cut below a leaf bud. Remove all but the top two or three sets of leaves.

With the sharp knife, score the end of the cutting on two or three sides … cutting only through the outer layer.

Dip scored cutting into rooting hormone. (dampen cutting if using powdered hormone) Make a hole in the potting media, insert the cutting, water thoroughly.
Cover the cutting with the soda bottle top.

Place your container in a protected location … outside, place it the shade (under a bush is a good place); inside, in a window with bright indirect light. No direct sunshine at this point, or the container will overheat and your cutting will die. There should be no need to water your cutting … condensation inside the soda bottle is a good indication that the cutting has sufficient moisture.

Cuttings can produce roots in as soon as four weeks, or as many as eight, ten, or more weeks. Since roots are visible through the translucent milk jug, there is no need to pull cuttings to check their progress. Remove any leaves that fall … the cutting can still root without leaves. As long as the stem is green, the cutting is alive.

When the cutting is showing strong roots, and starts to sprout new leaves, begin to harden off your new rose by removing the screw top of the soda bottle. After a week or two, remove the soda bottle completely and begin to gradually move your rose to a sunnier environment.

Rosefest: Learning and Growing!

Rosefest was a big success! Thanks to all who braved rain, storms, flood warnings and a tornado warning to join us.

Rose Preservationist, Connie Hilker, who chairs the Heritage and Preservation Committee of the American Rose Society, inspired us and encouraged us to get busy and be a part of the solution of sharing roses and their stories. DOWNLOAD CONNIE’S PROPAGATION NOTES HERE.


People of all ages were working like bees to learn Connie’s proven technique of rose propagation and left with their own cuttings from Peggy Martin or New Dawn from the beautiful Master Gardener Rose Garden. 


Teresa Byington, IRS president and grower of more than 200 roses from Hybrid Teas to Old Garden Roses and everything in between, shared her top 10 Easy Breezy Roses to an enthusiastic group who are eager to add more roses to their garden. One eager young man of 10 asked, “what is a ‘breezy’ rose.” It was fun! 

Andrew Fritz, Urban Agriculture Conservationist for the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District, gave a presentation on Backyard Composting. He shared tips on what to compost, different types of compost bins and how to keep critters out!

Members brought roses from their gardens to exhibit and guests voted on their favorites. 


We saw relationship building, note taking, idea sharing and enthusiasm for the Queen of Flowers making Rosefest a huge success for our society!

Thanks to Teresa Downham, Carolyn Lloyd, and Trudy Struck, for their work on the Hamilton County Master Gardener Rose Garden. It is the perfect place to have Rosefest!






Some of the rose topics that we get the most questions about are planting, pruning and growing roses in containers. John Hefner is going to make masters out of all those who come! We are open to the public so come and bring a friend.


At this meeting, it is also time to PICK UP THE ROSES you have ordered or bring your checkbook for the ones still available. Pick up Roses from 6:00 – 6:45.

If you want to preorder, contact Linda Kimmel HERE.


Tool Talk– Our “Masters” will bring their favorite tools to talk about and will be available to answer your questions.



TUES, APR 9 / 6:30 pm (see rose sale time below)

Sullivan Munce Cultural Center / Zionsville

Planting, Pruning & Growing Rose in Containers: John Hefner
John Hefner is one of the leading rosarians in the country – winning most every award we have! We have so much to learn from him.


2019 Programs and Conferences

In 2019 we are dedicated to a year of Rose Education and Inspiration. The inspiration part is so easy as beautiful roses are so inspiring. This year we have programs on starting a rose bed, tips on floral arranging, David Austin Roses, dealing with the pests  & diseases and so much more!

Our group is made up of rose growers at every level. Our “Masters” are dedicated to helping anyone regardless of where you are in your rose growing hobby.

Our District Meetings are additional opportunities for education. Many of our programs are approved for Master Gardener Education and Consulting Rosarian Credit.

Come join for inspiration, education and SO MUCH FUN!

Our meetings are open to the public, so share this information with your friends!


TUESDAY, MARCH 12 / 6:30 pm 
Sullivan Munce Cultural Center / Zionsville, IN

SPEAKERS: Teresa Downham, Trudy Struck, Carolyn Lloyd
Program: Come hear about the Hamilton County Master Gardener Rose Garden and the great work being done there by the ones who oversee it today! 
ASK THE MASTERS: Weather Issues and Roses
Our Consulting Rosarians will be available to discuss weather issues and answer your questions!
ROSE SALE: Opportunity to Pre-Order and Pre-Pay
See rose list HERE.


TIME: 9 – 4
LOCATION: Bethlehem Presbyterian Church
5588 N. State Road 25, Logansport, IN


  • Dr. Mark Windham / Plant Pathology / University of Tennessee

Dr. Windham will give three 20-min sessions on diseases, insects and pesticide safety.  (Qualified for CR Credit)

  • Curtis Aumiller / ARS Chairman of Photography

Curtis will share tips and tricks of rose photography and help us better prepare for entering photography in rose shows.

Additional details including registration information HERE.


TUES, APR 9 / 6:30 pm (see rose sale time below)
Sullivan Munce Cultural Center / Zionsville
Planting, Pruning & Growing Roses in Containers: John Hefner
John Hefner is one of the leading rosarians in the country – winning most every award we have! We have so much to learn from him.
ROSE SALE: Pick up Roses  6:00 – 6:45
ASK THE MASTERS: Tool Talk–Our “masters” will bring their favorite tools to talk about and will be available to answer your questions.


TUES, MAY 14 / 6:30 pm
Sullivan Munce Cultural Center / Zionsville
PROGRAM: Flower Arranging Tips & Tricks

    • Linda Kimmel: Tips for ARS rose show arrangements
    • Janet Kuebler: Tips for home flower arrangements

ROSEFEST: Final updates on Rosefest
MARK NOLEN: Bringing Roses to Rosefest


Chairman: Teresa Downham
Details coming soon.


SAT, JUNE 8,  6:00 pm
LOCATION: Byington’s Garden
PLEASE RSVP: teresabyington@gmail.com


TUES, AUG 13, 6:30 pm
Sullivan Munce Cultural Center / Zionsville
ASK THE MASTERS: Pests & Diseases – Consulting Rosarians will be available to answer your questions.


SAT, SEPT 7, 9 – 4

      • Hosted by Stephen Decatur Rose Society
      • NOTE: The rose show will feature The Tiedeman National Trophy

LOCATION: Richland Community College in Decatur, IL
SPEAKER: Dr. David Zlesak
Additional details to come.
District website HERE.


TUES, SEPT 10, 6:30 pm
Sullivan Munce Cultural Center / Zionsville
PROGRAM: David Austin and His Roses by Trudy Struck
ASK THE MASTERS: Putting the Garden to Bed


TUES, OCT 8, 6:30 pm
Sullivan Munce Cultural Center / Zionsville
Chili Cookoff / Costume Party
Chili will be provided.
Costume Party: Come dress as a rose name.


SAT, DEC 7, 6 pm
Annual Awards & New Board Installation
Location: TBD

We look forward to having you with us for each and every meeting!

There’s something for everyone! Some of our meetings are lecture style and some are hands-on workshops.

Create Your Garden Dream with Climbing Roses

TUES, AUGUST 14, 6:30 pm

Location: Sullivan Munce ​/ 225 West Hawthorne Street  / Zionsville, IN 46077

Linda Kimmel, immediate past president of the Indianapolis Rose Society, will share with us the charm and grace of climbing roses—which ones to grow and how to care for them!

PROGRAM: Create Your Garden Dream with Climbing Roses

There are few plants that can rival the gorgeous climbing roses in the garden, creating ambiance of nostalgia and breath-taking beauty. Stephen Scanniello, Curator of the Rockefeller Rose Garden, New York, refers to climbing roses as the “acrobats and aerialists” of the garden. Climbing roses can be used in countless ways, such as cascading over fences, trellis’ or walls, softening hard landscapes, concealing ugly structures or small buildings, accentuating windows or entryways. They can provide a back drop for other garden plants or make a stunning focal point, creating breath-taking picturesque effects. Climbing roses are versatile. And if you choose healthy, disease resistant and winter hardy varieties, they can last a lifetime with reasonable or even minimal care.

What climbing roses are right for your garden?; What care do they need?; Pruning when and how?; How to winterize?

Come to the meeting and get your questions answered about Creating your Garden Dream with Climbing Roses.

Round Table Discussion: Overwintering Roses in Containers
**Panel: John Hefner, Linda Kimmel, Teresa Byington
Bring your tips, your stories and your questions about overwintering roses in containers.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!