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My Rose Adventure

Nick and Anne Stanley

When your father and grand father were both florists and/or growers, you already have a heritage to follow.

I didn’t really start down that path till around 1997. A friend of ours was growing 30-35 roses down in the Center Grove area and I started observing her in the care she took of her roses.

The next spring I built a raised bed on the north side of our house and started with 16 roses. The north side is not the ideal location but it was all that I had available. I had a friend show me how to construct the raised beds out of treated 4 X 6’s, I brought in some good top soil, and away I went.


A year later 3.5 acres across the street became available. I started the development on that property by building six, 27’ X 6’ raised beds holding 18 roses in each.

Around this time, I joined the Indianapolis Rose Society and they started showing me how to care for and graft new roses. John Hefner and Mark Nolen were tremendous mentors to me.

I then had the rose house built followed by the 16’ X 32’ barn. One of the smarter things I purchased was a golf cart that made trips back to the rose house much easier. Shortly after that I built five more raised beds on the west side of the rose house. It was also about this time that I installed irrigation for the rose beds and grass area around the rose house.

My next project was cutting back the thicket along the Buck Creek directly south of the rose house. We cut down 25-30 trees, and probably 75-100 shrubs. This is where the gazebo now stands.


Shortly afterwards we thinned out the “thicket” behind the rose house and developed walking paths and beds for hostas and other shade plants. A few years later I bought a small Kubota tractor with a frontend loader, and a used Dixie Chopper to cut grass. That required a garage and more beds around the building. The tractor was one of my smartest purchases.

It seems like one project leads to another over the years. I could not have done all of this without the assistance of Francisco Posadas the past 18 years. I’m now trying to cut back beds to help me and my ageing body as I get older. I’ve spent endless hours over the years, but it was truly a labor of love. Now, to sit back with my wife Anne and enjoy it all.

Wine and Roses

John and Donna Hefner’s garden is an enchanting space filled with lilies, hostas, other perennials and a magnificent display of roses. Large, gorgeous roses.

Last weekend they shared that space with our society. The evening was perfect … the company was wonderful, the food delicious. Wine and fellowship flowed.

A huge thanks to John and Donna for the lovely evening.




TUES, AUG 8 / 6:30 pm
Sullivan Munce Center 
/ 225 W Hawthorne St / Zionsville

Diane Brueckman: Former Curator of the Missouri Botanical Gardens
Roge Brueckman: Current Illinois Indiana District Director
PROGRAM: Classification of Roses

We look forward to seeing you there!



The Central & Illinois-Indiana Rose Society Districts are teaming up to bring us an exciting day of roses–Arching the Mississippi. There will be a huge display of locally grown roses, a behind the scenes tour of the Missouri Botanical Garden, followed by lunch and seminars.



TOM CARRUTH AND CHRITIAN BEDARD… two powerhouses in the world of roses!

Tom Carruth is a giant in the rose world as one of America’s leading hybridizers — having hybridized over 100 rose varieties. Among them are Julia Child, Scentimental, Cinco de Mayo, Hot Cocoa, Wild Blue Yonder, Strike it Rich, Betty Boop and Top Gun. Tom currently is the Curator of the Rose Collection at the Huntington Library & Botanical Garden.2017 Ill-Ana Fall Newsletter

Christian Bedard – Passionate about his rose research and breeding work, Christian began his career at Weeks Roses in 2000 working with Tom Carruth as Licensing Project Manager and Research Assistant and now, with Tom’s recent retirement, he is currently the Research Director & Licensing Manager for Weeks Roses.

Click here for an complete list of the day’s events and registration information and registration information.

John and Donna Hefner Have Done It Again!

Long time leaders of the Indianapolis Rose Society and winners of almost every rose award available have been outstanding once again!

They have two new roses being introduced this year!


Comments from Richard at For Love of Roses: This great looking miniature rose is a sport of Mobile Jubilee that John Hefner found some time ago. We believe it is as good if not better than its look-a-like Breath of Spring. We recently applied for registration when John named the rose ‘Hugs & Kisses’ after the love he and Donna share with their grandchildren. It will be available in mid to late April on our website. Find this rose on the For Love of Roses website here.


Comments from Richard at For Love of Roses: This is another sport of Mobile Jubilee that was found by the outstanding rose exhibitor John Hefner. John and his wife Donna debated on several different names for this gorgeous miniature seedling finally deciding to on naming the rose ‘By Design’. In our biased opinion it is the perfect name for this beautiful rose. We are currently building inventory and anticipate having the rose being available sometime this coming Spring. Find this rose on the For Love of Roses website here.

These two beauties join the other two Hefner hybrids …
Miniature “Regine.” Regine won the 1990 ARS Award of Excellence.
Hybrid Tea “Classic Touch”


Thank you both for making the world a more beautiful place with your friendship,
your leadership and with your beautiful roses.

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