The IRS June meeting is on — online! 


COVID-19 hit us all with a bang and removing all opportunities for our getting together in the same place. Immediately we began to look at online options to keep us connected.

May 12 was our first online meeting with 20 in attendance. We used a program called GO TO MEETING.

We have decided that for our JUNE MEETING will be use ZOOM.

Members, you will receive an email giving you the link to use to log in to our meeting. If you don’t receive our emails or have additional questions, contact us HERE.

Guests, you are welcome to participate too. And, if you would like to join our society, you will find information HERE. Once you are a member, you will automatically receive this kind of information. To receive the June link, email us HERE.



Tuesday, June 9 / 6:30 pm – 8 pm


As it will be rose season, we will have a “show and tell” meeting. Vase up one or two of your pretty roses or take a picture. We will take turns introducing ourselves and talking about the rose we are “showing.”

Q & A

Bring your rose questions and comments and we will have everyone offer their help or suggestions.



After the May meeting we asked some of the attenders what they thought of our first online meeting…

John Hefner: “I thought the online meeting was valuable and timely as we had interactions concerning the recent weather related issues.. I would encourage more participation as this would allow our members that have questions to receive information regarding problems or just to share experiences during this unprecedented time.”

Trudy Struck: “The online meeting was delightful and informative! So good to see everyone and hear what’s going on in everyone’s gardens.” 

Teresa Byington: “Many said it was so much easier to do than they thought it would be and a lot of fun.”


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