Summer Rose Care and Budding Workshop

Sunday July 12 John and Donna Hefner’s garden was host to a budding and a summer rose care seminar.

The Man of the Hour – John Hefner!


The tip for the evening was under pruning. This information was recently shared in the the latest edition of The America Rose by President Bob Martin. This practice removes any non productive growth and removes lower foliage that is also subjected to spider mites. This practice opens the plant for additional light and air circulation.


The other subject area was a budding  seminar that focused on bud grafting to multiflora root stock. Two attendees were given a budded plant for next years rose enjoyment.

The Hefner garden was short on rose blooms as the plants were recycling, however the daylilies served as the garden focal point for the evening displaying an array of interesting colors.

Thanks to John and Donna for hosting!

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