While we are all practicing “Shelter in Place” most of us are finding shelter and comfort in our gardens. Since we can’t be together, I asked rose society members to send pictures of what’s going on in their garden world this week. Of course most everyone is pruning roses, but there’s a lot more going on too!

Take a look . . .

Note: If you and your garden are not in this post, please send pictures as we plan to post more pictures next week.


Cleaning up rose beds and pruning roses. John said he can never remember spring pruning rose plants at this height.

Editor’s Note: These beds looks perfect!!

They are also trying out something new — a small green house they bought on sale last fall. The green house is a temporary home to approximately 45 pots. Donna says John is really enjoying having the green house.

Also enjoying their beautiful Star Magnolia.


Linda recently joined the North Central Spring District meeting in WI where Lois Ann Helgeson, Bruce and Maggie Barr gave a hands-on arrangement workshop. Linda came home and is practicing! This arrangement is connecting two containers in an Oriental Freestyle. She encourages all of us to practice using supermarket flowers.

She is enjoying this little beauty. She purchased from Barbara Stauch’s garden club plant sale 30-years ago. Barbara recommended it. Plant is about 3-inches high, blooms early, spreads but not out of control, foliage dies after blooming, and you can’t even find a trace of it, but returns with bright yellow flowers the next year. Anyone know the name?

She was also busy this week organizing our society rose delivery. Look at those beauties. THANK YOU Linda and Keith!


Carolyn has been busy with getting her new rose beds ready. First up was to remove the sod! She has her David Austin bareroot roses soaking before planting. And, look how good the mulch looks as the project comes to a close.

To top everything, she is growing indoor tomatoes with her Aerogarden! WIN!

At day’s end there is a nice bottle of wine for all her hard work. Well deserved!


In March Sally is busy working in her greenhouse (built by husband) and getting her raised beds ready for planting as well as trimming back her roses. Click on one picture to see the gallery!

What a lovely greenhouse!


I’ve been busy planting veggie and flower seeds. I think of them as companions for my roses and so that counts, right? There are Calendulas, Zinnias, Nigellas, Hollyhocks, Sweet Peas and our favorite tomatoes – Steak Sandwich. (To name a few.😳)

Due to the cancelled district conference, I’ve also been potting up bareroot roses that were to be used as our district fundraiser. They are lined up on my driveway waiting for their time to shine! If you need roses, let me know HERE. . A bargain at $15 each – Pink Brick House (3)  / White Veranda / (4) / Bright & Shiny (1). See them here.

Thanks to Eloisa for finding enough pots for the roses. (They were supposed to be sold as bareroots at the conference!

Hope you have enjoyed taking a behind the scenes look at what going on in these rose friends spring world!


I hope to hear from you! Please send pictures and stories from your garden to TeresaByington@gmail.com.

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