Rose Sale Chairman, Kim Chmielewski, tells us that roses are flying off the shelves! Here is the list of roses still available.


Roses at $25 each:

  • 2 Arctic Blue Floribunda
  • 1 Quicksilver lavender Climber
  • 1 Perfume Factory magenta plum Hybrid Tea
  • 1 Petit Pink OSO Happy Shrub Rose
  • 1 Savannah Sunbelt salmon pink Hybrid Tea
  • 4 Stiletto deep pink Hybrid Tea
  • 3 Scentuous fragrant pink Shrub Rose
  • 3 Watercolors Home Run pink/yellow/gold Shrub Rose
  • 5 White Out white Knockout Rose

David Austins at $30 each:

  • 3 Carding Mill, shades of pink/yellow/apricot
  • 4 The Lady Gardener, apricot smaller 2.5 x 3.5
  • 3  Golden Celebration ,deep golden yellow
  • 2 Tess of the d’Urbervilles, crimson red short Climber


Download our newsletter with the link below to find images of roses and additional details on ordering and pickup.

2020 Dec-2021 Jan Indianapolis RS Newsletter.pdf

Editor’s note: All look beautiful, but I can speak from experience to a few of these. I have SCENTUOUS, SAVANNAH, PETIT PINK and THE LADY GARDENER and HIGHLY recommend them. DON’T WAIT!



Last night Carrie Bergs was our speaker and there were 35 in attendance! It was a wonderful program on Old Garden Roses she calls her Pink Ladies. Even though we were on Zoom, I could “feel” the lists being made! “I want this one and this one and this one!” 😉📝🌹 Thank you Carrie! The program was fabulous.

Below are the programs coming up. Our meetings are open to the public so you are invited! Please contact Humberto for the program links HERE.

TUES, MAR 9, 6:30 PM  / ZOOM

Marilyn Wellan is a 37-year member of the American Rose Society, and served 29 of those years on its Board of Directors. She is a Past President (2003-2006), Horticulture and Arrangements Judge, Consulting Rosarian and Master Rosarian. She was awarded the ARS Gold Honor Medal in 2017, and earlier the Silver Medal and Bronze Medal. She was named a “Great Rosarian of the World” in 2009; and recognized in “Decades of Women” in 2017.


In early 2017, a five-year Master Plan was approved by the American Rose Center Committee and the ARS Board of Directors which set the path for the Great Garden Restoration, and for success in the future. The plan outlined these major Immediate Goals: 1) consolidation of the many gardens into a “core garden” with visual impact; 2) clearing of many trees; 3) deer fencing; 4) new walkways; 5) soil testing and amending; 6) creating an exciting new design for the gardens (see above image).

By the end of the year 2018, the Immediate Goals of the Master Plan had been achieved; $570,000 was raised in cash, services, in-kind gifts and pledges. The Great Garden Restoration Project is well underway, and promises to create a garden that is a major attraction for visitors from around the world, is visitor-friendly, reduces maintenance, is respectful of the environment, is educational in nature, and that is capable of increasing earned revenue to support the gardens. Images and additional information here.


Diane currently serves as the Vice President of the American Rose Society. Diane will be installed as President at the Cream City Roses Convention in Wisconsin in September and you are invited to attend. Details here.

About Diane’s garden…

Diane’s garden is a collage of color and rose varieties, currently holding about 150 varieties. She likes to have a lot of color and bloom all summer long, so she has been adding more floribundas and shrub roses lately, while still maintaining a good selection of hybrid teas for exhibiting. Six years ago, she moved into a new home and the rose garden had to start over.  Starting over is a lot more work than she ever imagined and there are many days she wishes she had the soil and roses from years ago! She is fortunate to have a lot of room and plans on adding 20 – 30 roses each year. Other plans for the garden are learning about other plants to enhance the gardens, and controlling the darn deer.


Have you ever admired a rose in your garden and wished that it could have waited a few days or weeks to bloom? Drywrapping is one technique that you can use to store your rose without water, rehydrating at a future date. This technique is simple to do with many different varieties.  The arrangement pictured here won the 2016 ARS National Arrangement Trophy with the rose “Joy”, where many of the blooms were cut two to three weeks earlier.  In this program we will discuss the steps to successful Drywrapping.




Membership is open to anyone interested in roses. 

Once you are a member, you will receive regular emails that include the latest rose news, info on rose care and products as well as what is happening!

Membership is open to anyone interested in roses.
Membership: $20

Download application HERE.



Our meetings are open to the public and guests are always welcome!

Check back to our website as our board is busy working on additional plans for 2021!

Be well and safe and we will see you online!


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