WAKING UP THE GARDEN: March 12, 6:30 pm

Our rose season is coming soon and it is time to WAKE UP THE GARDEN.

Join us! And bring a friend.

TUESDAY, MARCH 12 / 6:30 pm 
Sullivan Munce Cultural Center / Zionsville, IN

SPEAKERS: Teresa Downham, Trudy Struck, Carolyn Lloyd

Program: Come hear about the Hamilton County Master Gardener Rose Garden and the great work being done there by the ones who oversee it today!

ASK THE MASTERS: Weather Issues and Roses
Spring gives us some strange weather! Our Consulting Rosarians will be available to discuss weather issues and answer your questions!

ROSE SALE: Opportunity to Pre-Order and Pre-Pay
See rose list HERE.



Our members and guests have the pleasure of having our Annual Rosefest just inside the door from this amazing rose garden. Most every type of rose is growing there from the very old to the most modern. You’ll love hearing all about this garden, it’s beginnings and how they keep it so beautiful. See you Tues, March 12. Our meetings are open to the public so bring friends.

Take a look at the garden…


Details for the Spring District Educational Conference and Photography show are HERE.

Master Gardener education hours and Consulting Rosarian credit are available.

4 thoughts on “WAKING UP THE GARDEN: March 12, 6:30 pm

  1. I would like to come to your meetings and workshops after I return from Florida in April. Please keep me posted even though I will miss some meetings. Thank you. Kimberly

  2. Hi! So does “open to the public” mean that I can attend if I am not a member? Is there a fee for the Waking Up The Garden discussion? Thanks for your help!

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